Getting Started


The first step toward treatment is to contact us. After we receive your message, one of our administrative assistants will call you back, usually within 24 hours.

They'll ask for some basic information and answer any questions you may have. If our practice features fit the type of treatment you’re seeking, they'll schedule an initial evaluation.

The Initial Consultation

The first sessions are dedicated to understanding you and the problems that bring you to treatment. This initial phase may last between two to four sessions. It involves a combination of open-ended listening and focused inquiry.

We will cover areas that include:
  • your current life situation
  • current and past symptoms
  • current and past relationships
  • early development
  • academic and occupational experiences
  • family history
  • personal medical history
  • past treatment history

By the end of the initial assessment, your doctor will develop and share with you a preliminary comprehensive impression of your particular situation. Your doctor will then lay out possible treatment options which might include medications, psychological therapies, and/or behavioral interventions. Together we will weigh the risks and benefits of each option and select the treatment plan that feels right for you.


After the initial phone call, we will email you a registration packet that contains information about our practice, location, billing and insurance details. You will need to complete, sign and return these forms to us prior to your scheduled appointment. These can be completed and returned to us electronically or you can print them out, complete them, and then send back to us via email or fax.

Ongoing Treatment: What Type, How Often, For How Long?

Decisions about the type, frequency and duration of treatment follow from the initial assessment. Treatments might be medication-based, psychotherapeutic, or combination of both. Session frequency is also depends on the severity of the problem and other factors, ranging from once to twice per week to monthly or quarterly.