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Life is tough, in therapy we learn to deal with painful thoughts and feelings so we can enjoy the meaning and beauty in life. As a biracial therapist with a mixed cultural heritage, I aim to create a safe environment needed for change for people of all backgrounds and experiences. It takes a lot of courage to take that first step towards change, so I intend to acknowledge your vulnerability by meeting you where you are. I have extensive knowledge working with people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and presenting needs due to my experience working in community mental health. Through this experience, I was able to find my passion in working with children, adolescents, POC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals struggling with identity issues, anxiety and mood disorders, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and trauma. I use the evidence-based ACT therapy model as well as eclectic strategies from various models to best fit client needs. My therapy approach focuses on creating a safe environment in which growth and development can be fostered while simultaneously building a strong therapeutic alliance where you feel comfortable. I have immediate availability, please contact me to schedule an appointment and together we discuss the start of your therapeutic journey.


Jana Arthur

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